Alien Workshop Skateboard Decks From Years Past

These Alien Workshop decks were board we sold from waaaaaaay back when. We have them archived here for your viewing pleasure. If you had one of these decks, let us know what year you had it. Message us using the contact form on the page.

Chances are most of these decks were 7.5″ wide to 8.0″ (inches) wide. Between 2000 and 2010 the skate industry made skinnier boards. And they worked! You might like it actually. You can flip your board faster and some may find that easier to land tricks. These 8.25″ and 8.5″ boards everyone rides now are huge. They are harder to flip because they are heavier and they flip slower. But much easier for board slides, nose slides and tail slides.

alien workshop skateboard deck anthony van engelen hayfever

Anthony Van Engelen Hayfever Skateboard Deck

Looks like an image of Humpty Dumpty on some rolling Ohio hills. I guess allergies are a thing back east.

alien workshop skateboard deck jason dill mammouth

Jason Dill Mammouth Skateboard Deck

Maybe this is supposed to be a mammoth. Like the prehistoric elephant. With the big tusks.

alien workshop skateboard deck josh kalis triad

Josh Kalis Triad Skateboard Deck

Huh. Maybe when you get abducted by Aliens they always roll three deep. Seems like that’s what they do in the movies when they do an abduction scene anyway. If you want to scare the sh*t out of yourself, watch Fire in the Sky ;).

alien workshop skateboard deck missing link

Alien Workshop Skateboard Deck Missing Link

Do you see the link? Do you see it? Do you? Monkey and man were created by aliens. The aliens are the missing link. Sh*t that’s pretty clever. I’ve been staring at this graphic for decades and I now finally get it!

alien workshop skateboard deck rob dyrdek hayfever

Rob Dyrdek Hayfever Skateboard Deck

“Let’s do a deck series around an allergy theme!”. Interesting board meetings over there I take it.

alien workshop skateboard deck rob dyrdek high society

Rob Dyrdek High Society

As I look at this skateboard closer, it appear this graphic has to do with psychedelics. Seeing double. Crazy mind altering brain explosions. Cool graphic. You shouldn’t experiment with psychedelics when you’re young because you might trigger mental illness. Pretty sure I’ve seen that happen.

alien workshop skateboard deck rob dyrdek meaty

Rob Dyrdek Meaty

Was Rob’s dog named Meaty? I bet that board sold like hot cakes. I bet girls bought that board.

alien workshop skateboard deck rob dyrdek rogue

I’m pretty sure Rob Dyrdek was/is an avid firearms collector. Me thinks that’s the idea behind this graphic. In one of the DC videos, he does show up some fire power I do believe.

Rob Dyrdek Rogue

alien workshop skateboard deck rogue foil

Alien Workshop Skateboard Deck Rogue Foil

It looks like they double down on the gun theme that year. Foil graphics look good in shops though.

alien workshop skateboard deck trend OG

Alien Workshop Skateboard Deck Trend OG

This is like a team board. I actually think I liked their team deck artwork better than their pro deck graphics.