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Alva Skateboards was created by the legendary Tony Alva. The first skater to market image and attitude. And even if that sounds less than tasteful, you have to understand for the era – what Tony was doing was beyond comprehension.

To start off, Tony skated pools. Most of you would never dare drop into a pool, and Tony was killing pools in 1977! And he still does to this day! Additionally, he was one of the first people to get air out of a pool.


The first team Tony belong to was Zephyr. Based out of Venice, California – the Zephyr team consists of skateboarding pioneers such as:

  • Jay Adams
  • Shogo Kubo
  • Stacey Peralta
  • Bob Biniak
  • Paul Constantineau
  • Jim Muir
  • Peggy Oki
  • Wentzle Ruml

The Birth of Alva Skateboards

As Tony’s popular grew, he branched off and started his own brand of skateboards. Most of his boards were decorated with his signature last name “Alva” on the bottom of the deck. Anyone who has one of these boards in good condition is sitting on a very valuable collectible Most original Alva decks start around $300.

Team for 2015:

Decks for 2015 (until now):

Alva SCOUNDRELZ PINK skateboard deck

Green Flame Scoundrelz Re-Issue

Alva SCOUNDRELZ BLACK skateboard deck

Pink Flame Coundrelz Re-Issue

The PowerStation Project:

Alva Cujo Red Btm Skateboard Deck

P.P. Cujo Mini Diamondtail Red

Alva green fish btm Skateboard Deck

Mini Dead Piranha Green

Alva dogstar blue Skateboard Deck

Dogstar Blue

Alva short stuff green Skateboard Deck

Short Stuff Green


Hyperkick Orange


Double Diamond Pool Crusher Iguana

*Every deck is available in more than just one color. Visit the official Alva website for more info!

Alva Decks From Past Years

Alva Skateboard Decks From 2014