Antihero Skateboards – Decks From Years Past

Below are some various Antihero decks we used to sell back in the day. We’ve decided to preserve some of this skate history. Let us know which deck you like in the comments. Or feel free to send us a photo of one of your vintage-ass antihero decks. FOR THE SAKE OF SKATE… HISTORY!

antihero bigger eagle skateboard deck
Antihero Bigger Eagle Skateboard

Why get a littler eagle? You want it to carry home larger prey don’t you?

antihero frank gerwer nose skateboard deck
Frank Gerwer Born to Nose Skateboard Deck

Bad to the nose! I wonder if Frank is exceptionally good at nose tricks? Nose slides, nose bones, front noses, nose stalls (is that a thing?) Who knows?

antihero john cardiel hellhound skateboard deck
John Cardiel Hellhound

This board is a black and white image of a doberman barking at skaters skateboarding by. If he were loose he’d bite your wheels, which invariably would begin the downward spiral of your wheel flatspotting, ruining your skateboard career. Because you were just at the point where you were getting good. You were going to skate park every day. But that one day that hellhound bit your wheel set off a chain of events – where you had no money for new wheels, so you just quit skateboarding. But not on purpose. You didn’t just throw your board down and quit. You just slowly stopped skating because your wheels were done. And you just kept effin around on your phone instead and never picked the board back up. And that’s how your skateboard career ended. Weird isn’t it?

antihero john cardiel howell skateboard deck
John Cardiel Howell Board

I don’t get this graphic. It’s interesting. I’d still ride the board. I’d still support John.

antihero tony trujillo 14 counts skateboard deck
antihero tony trujillo 14 counts skateboard deck

I think that’s Richard Ramirez in that photo. The night stalker. Scared the sh*t out of me as a kid. He was lurking around L.A. murdering people in their sleep. Crazy story: He got caught on my friend’s street and the local boys beat the sh*t out of him with a street pole.

antihero tramp stamp skateboard deck
antihero tramp stamp skateboard deck

Maign-o-maign…tramp stamps. What a terrible, terrible fad. I mean. It just meant. It just meant you shouldn’t of done it. You’re stamped for life. Why did you do it? Why? Let me know if you need a referral to a cosmetic surgeon with a magic laser eraser.

antihero nothing free skateboard deck
antihero nothing free skateboard deck

I get a Harley vibe from this graphic.