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Baker SkateboardsSkateboard Deck Nuge Pigeon View 8.0″. You can’t go wrong with this deck! Pick it up today.

Baker Skateboards was a very monumental injection into the world of skateboard near the turn of the century. Without it we may of been faced with severe bordem and mediocrity. If Andrew Reynolds and Jay Strickland never decided to release the Baker Bootleg skate video, skateboarding would be in dire straights today.

Around the year 2000 Andrew Reynolds was skating for Birdhouse Skateboards. He wasn’t into the kiddie style atmosphere the brand had. Being Tony Hawk’s company Birdhouse had to cater to a younger audience and therefore couldn’t release board graphics, videos and advertisements that were considered too risk-ay. Slightly disgruntled, Andrew set off to start his own skateboard company that was based on his vision of what a brand should be.

The first debut video for the brand was Baker 2G. This video starred Reynolds, Jim Greco, Mike Maldonado, Terry Kennedy, Evan Hernandez and a few others I can’t think of at this moment. This video really set the tone and image of the company from that point forward.

Company Website:
Instagram: @bakerskateboards

Baker Skateboards for 2014:

Baker Skateboards page 1

Troggs dollin 8.125 x 32.25, Troggs figgy 8.25 x 31.825, Troggs nuge 8.38 x 32, Logo figgy 8.38 x 32, Logo hawk 8.0 x 31.75, 8.475 x 31.875, Logo herman 8.0 x 31.75

Baker Skateboards page 2

Reaper hawk 8.38 x 32, Bomber hawk 8.0 x 32, Bomber kennedy 8.125 x 32.25, Bomber reynolds 8.0 x 31.75, Bomber theotis 7,875 x 31, Troggs baca 8.0 x 31.75

Baker Skateboards page 3

Logo reynolds 8.125 x 32.25, Logo theotis 8.25 x 31.875, Candy theotis 8.25 x 31.875, Reynolds ATL toxic cloud orange/blue 8.25 x 31.875, Brand Logo black/purple 8.25 x 31.875 , Brand Logo ice blue 7.75 x 31

Baker Skateboards page 4

Brand Logo toxic cloud blue 8.125 x 32.25, 8.475 x 31.875, Reset Logo black silver 8.0 x 31.75, Reset logo blue/gold 7.875 x 31, Stacked tie-dye black/red 8.25 x 31.875, Stacked tie-dye rasta 8.125 x 32.875, Reset Stacked black/teal/pink 8.38 x 32

Baker Skateboards page 5

Regans’s Logo orange/green/purple 8.0 x 31.75

2015 Team:

  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Dustin Dollin
  • Bryan Herman
  • Terry Kennedy
  • Sammy Baca
  • Don ‘Nuge’ Nguyen
  • Theotis Beasley
  • Justin “Figgy” Figueroa
  • Riley Hawk
  • Dee Ostrander
  • Cyril Jackson

Boards for 2015 (until now):


Mike Gigliotti Set of 5 Decks


Geometry Set of 3 Decks


Nasty Neck Face Set of 5 Decks

Baker Skateboard Decks from years past