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Consolidated SkateboardsSkateboard Deck (Bundled with Free 1″ Hardware Set). You can’t go wrong with this deck! Pick it up today.

Consolidated Skateboards comes out of Santa Cruz California. The brand has been around since the early 1990s. Consolidated firmly believes skateboarding should be controlled by skateboarders who have helped build and sustain the industry through the good and bad times and not by large corporations who want to exploit skateboarding when times are good. The company is very anti-Nike for this reason. Their main beef with Nike was that they were not trying to help the culture out in the 1980s and 1990s when skateboarding need the most help. Instead, once skateboarding blew up internationally by 1999, Nike tried really hard to capture the skate shoe market. Apparently, Nike had attempted to break into the skate market two times with no success. It wasn’t until recently did they finally become very popular among skaters. El Skate Shop believes the reason for this is mostly because skateboarding goes through new generations of skaters ever four or so years. A certain generation’s ideals and loyalties fade as new generations of skaters come in.

Decks for 2014

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Mark Peterson “El Fumador”, Roberto Aleman “El Leon”, Karma Tsocheff “La Guittara”, Steve Bailey “El Aguacate”, “La Loteria de Sadam”, “Chairman”, “VIP”, “President”

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“Breakthrough”, “Birds”, “La Sirena”, “El Borracho”, “El Arbol”, “Nature”, “Moon Cube”, Steve Baley “Fur Burger”

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Roberto Aleman “Peacock”, Mike Peterson “Gecko”, Balley “Armadillo”, Roberto Aleman “Flowers”, “Cube Rain”, “Boobs”, “Hangman”, “4 cubes”

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“I love you”, “Scarred”, “Cubert”, “Cube Drop”, “Multi-Cube”, Roberto Aleman “Fallen Bull”, “Mall Chairs Suck”, “Don’t do it”

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“Cathouse”, “I’m so gay”, “Zarosh Graphic ‘Surf Mouth’, Alan Peterson “#Iceman”, “Missing”, “Not a sport”, “Good Luck”