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We sincerely underestimated this brand when it first came out. There was a period in the early 2000s when a new board company launched every minute. DGK was one of them. But Stevie Williams’ perseverance and vision has made DGK one of the most successful board companies of all time.

DGK Skateboard Decks for 2014

DGK Skateboards Decks 2014

Cherubs – TX, Cherubs – Kalis, Cherubs – Desarmo, Cherubs – Johnson, Fire, Mini Crayon, Cherubs – Henry, Girls – Tx, Girls – Kalis, Girls – Johnson, Girls – Henry

DGK Skateboards Decks 2014

Stencil Pricepoint, Trippy – Johnson, World Cup – TX, Art of War, Pitbull Cruiser (Custom Shape), Superior – Henry, Venice

DGK Skateboards Decks 2014

Crazed, TX Saves – Rodrigo TX, Concrete – Johnson, All eyes on me, Roses, FTPD – Henry, FTPD – Kalis, FTPD – Rivas, FTPD – Johnson


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