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Mystery Skateboards is an offshoot of Zero Skateboards, started somewhere in the early 2000s. I personally think this board company fracturing business is bad for the industry. Boards for the most part all come from a handful of woodshops, so we’re just making more of the same stuff.

There is also the issue of the “Chinese Menu” problem, which is: Too many choices mean no choices are made at all.

Decks for 2014

Mystery Skateboards 2014 page 1

Asia Hardgood Badge, James Hardgood Badge, Asia Avant Garde, James Avant Garde, Asia Varsity Navajo, James Varsity Sludge, James Varsity Weed

Mystery Skateboards 2014 page 2

Destroyer 2 Red, Destoryer 2 Blue, Galaxy, Cosmic, Varsity, Varsity

Mystery Skateboards 2014 page 3

Varsity Silver, Heavyweights, Champions, I love Boobies, Heart

Mystery Skateboards 2104 page 4

Destroyer 2, Motif, Galaxy, Varsity, Champions, I love boobies, Heart