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Toy Machine is the creation of one Sir Ed Templeton. There is probably no “realer” dude on the planet than Ed. An extremely creative brand that’s pure skateboarding with no corporate bullshit selling out (even-though they call themselves a “evil bloodsucking corporation”). You should buy a Toy Machine deck just because. Just to support real skateboarding. You don’t even have to ride it. Just hang it on your wall. Support Ed and all he has done for skateboarding over the past 20 years.

If there was no Ed, there would be no:

  • Jackass and Bam
  • No Muska
  • No Brian Anderson
  • No Elissa Steamer
  • No Turd Burglar Graphics
  • No Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell

Decks for 2014

toy machine skateboards 2014 cruiser decks

Monster Cruiser, Provost Joe Camel Cruiser, Get Injected Cruiser, Toy Division Cruiser

toy machine skateboards 2014 leo romero

Fist Romero, Leo Bromero

toy machine skateboards 2014 page 1

Marks VooDoo, Provost Cutter, Lutheran Heads Up, Templeton Spalt, Harmony Zapped, Layton Chatter, Romero Falconer, Bennett Batty

toy machine skateboards 2014 page 2

Marks Selfie, Provost Selfie, Lutheran Selfie, Templeton Selfie, Harmony Selfie, Layton Selfie, Romero Selfie, Bennett Selfie

toy machine skateboards 2014 page 3

Provost Yuk Yuck, Romero Yuk Yuck, Templeton Yuk Yuck, Lutheran Yuk Yuck, Bennett Yuk Yuck, Harmony Yuk Yuck, Layton Yuk Yuck, Marks Yuk Yuck

toy machine skateboards 2014 page 5

Provost Darkside, Provost Stairway, Lutheran Sacrifice

toy machine skateboards 2014 page 6

Since ’93, Toy Division White, Toy Division, Last Supper, Bury The Hatchet, Turd Burglar, Yin Yang

toy machine skateboards 2014 page 7

Vice American Monster, Vice Monster, Vice Monster (Yellow/Green), Vice Dead Monster Red, Vice Dead Monster Grey, Vice Dead Monster, Robot Assorted Colors

toy machine skateboards 2014 page 8

BloodShot, Sect Eye Grey, Sect Eye Purple, Sect Eye Orange

toy machine skateboards 2014 page 9

Monster Face, Sect Face Orange, Sect Face Purple, BloodShoot Sect Face, Turtle Face, Transistor Face

toy machine skateboards 2014 page 10

Devil Cat, Fists, Monster