Skater Profile: Eric Koston

Twitter: @erickoston

Koston is a like a robot. So much so that I don’t even think I like the way he skates. However, he has some amazing video parts. And considering that he’s still skating to this very day, makes him one of the greatest skateboarders of all time.

What I didn’t realize was that his own team mates have been clowning him all along. I guess he had a really rough start being a pro skater. Like he almost didn’t get on Girl because he was too much of a “dweeb”. But since his skating was so good, they couldn’t say no.

It was probably his part in Mouse that made people shut up. And I think the real game changer about Eric is that he changed the game himself. Up until Mouse, people weren’t pushing skating that hard. I mean in terms of being overly competitive. In Mouse you can see Eric getting down to business. Where other skaters had short parts, you could see that in his part he was on a mission.

Eric Koston Skateboard Decks From Years Past

girl hypnotic koston

Girl “Hypnotic” Koston Skateboard Deck

girl factory koston

Girl “Factory” Koston Skate Deck

girl koston first

Girl Koston “First”

girl koston woodgrain

Eric Koston Woodgrain

girl koston tones

Koston Tones

girl some koston

Koston “Some”

girl 13th koston

Koston 13th

girl froston 2

The Froston Deck