Skater Profile: Frank Gerwer

frank gerwer close up

Nose Before Hoes (Frank’s Blog)

It was his part in Cash Money Vagrant. Legendary. It’s the last trick. The style. The cigarette hanging out of his mouth. There is no one quite like that.

I also heard way back in the day that he was the first person to kickflip Wallenberg.

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anti hero skateboards 2014 frank gerwer and grant taylor

Grant Taylor Short Fuse 8.43″ x 32.57″, Gerwer The Dripper in White 8.06″ x 32″, Gerwer The Dripper in Blue (large) 8.25″ x 32″

antihero frank gerwer nose skateboard deck
Frank Gerwer Born to Nose Skateboard Deck