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Apparently the huge deal about Alien Workshop back in the day was that it was one of the first major skateboard brands to be based outside of California. If you think of it, that’s pretty good business strategy. Chances are you will appeal to all the other skate shops outside of CA as well.

But here is a little secret: Alien Workshop makes really good boards. Over the past 11 years we have never heard any of our customers complain about Alien Workshop boards. The have great shapes and excellent durability. We suggest you try one.

The name Alien Workshop came from the owner’s friend who ran a BBS about UFOs and Alien encounters. One of the big topics on this BBS was that certain fighter aircraft like the Stealth Bomber were made in secret “Alien Workshops”.

The owners of Alien Workshop decided to start their company in Ohio because it was less expensive that California and the owners were from Ohio.

They chose Neil Blender as the original artist for most of the skateboard decks. And as most early skateboard companies spent their time doing counterfeit logos, Alien spent most of their time doing Alien and UFO related artwork instead. This helped sales because people other than skateboarders were buying Alien Workshop clothing and merchandise.

Company Website:

Current Team: 2014

  • Tyler Bledsoe
  • Omar Salazar
  • Heath Kirchart
  • Rob Dyrdek
  • Gilbert Crokcett
  • Jake Johnson

Decks 2014:

Alien Workshop Skateboards Acid Reign Series Decks

Alien Workshop Skateboards Acid Reign series 2 Decks

Alien Workshop Skateboards Acid Reign Series 3 Decks

Alien Workshop Skateboards Acid Reign Series 4 Decks

Acid Reign Series Pro Skateboard Decks

Alien Workshop ryan mcginness art history is not linear skateboard deck

Ryan Mcginness Art History Is Not Linear

Alien Workshop sacred geometry series skateboard decks

Sacred Geometry Series 1 Skateboard Decks

Alien Workshop sacred geometry series 2

Sacred Geometry Series 2 Skateboard Decks

Alien Workshop heritage skateboard decks

Heritage Decks Pro Series

Alien Workshop keith haring retrospect skateboard decks

Alien Workshop Keith Haring Retrospect

alien workshop wedge tail models

Wedge Tail Models

Alien Workshop the TUB skateboard


Alien Workshop X keith haring

Aws Keith Haring

Alien Workshop classic pro models

Classic Pro Models

Alien Workshop send help skateboard decks

Send Help Series Decks

Decks 2015 (until now):

Alien Workshop Skateboards 2015

Born Again SM (8 x 32); Shapeshifting (8.25 x 31.3); Malfunction (8 x 31.625); Tanktrap (8.5 x 32.38)

Even older Alien Decks

Check out our archive of Alien Workshop decks from years past here.