Dogtown Skateboards

Screenshot 2022 05 17 at 20 41 42 Dogtown Bar Logo Sticker 8 x 1.5 Black White
Dogtown SkateboardsSkateboard Deck Suicidal Pool Skater Yellow 8.5″ x 32″ Lance Mountain. You can’t go wrong with this deck! Pick it up today.

Dogtown is one of the oldest skateboard brands around. Established in the Santa Monica / Venice area back in the 1970s, if it weren’t for Dogtown, skateboarding may have ceased to exist. Seriously. Before Dogtown, skateboarding wasn’t a sport, culture, sub-culture or anything that you can call it today. Skateboards were a toy, kinda like razor scooters. But Dogtown turned skateboarding from a kid’s play toy into an art form – through its graphics and it’s skate team.

I guess you could compare the skate team to Baker in a way. It was kinda edgy, more into style than competition (which was key), but it was the legendary days at pools in Santa Monica and Venice where the team started experimenting with getting air out of the pools. This alone took skateboarding to a new level. The photo shoots from those pool sessions brought forth a new wave in skateboarding.

Dogtown Skateboard Decks from the Oughts, 2000 – 2010

Below are some Dogtown decks we had in the shop back at the turn of the century lol. These are certainly not the oldest Dogtown decks but are getting up there.

dogtown bonecross skateboard deck
Dogtown Bonecross Skateboard Deck
dogtown bulldog og skateboard deck
Dogtown Bulldog OG skateboard deck
dogtown locker skateboard deck
Dogtown Locker Skateboard Deck
dogtown minicross skateboard deck
Dogtown Minicross Skateboard Deck
dogtown vintage bulldog skateboard deck
Dogtown Vintage Bulldog Skateboard Deck
dogtown vintage reddog skateboard deck
Dogtown Vintage Reddog Skateboard Deck
dogtown sunburst skateboard deck
Dogtown Sunburst Skateboard Deck
dogtown skateboards catalog 2009 page 1
Dogtown Catalog 2009 Page 1
dogtown skateboards catalog 2009 page 2
Dogtown Skateboards Catalog 2009 Page 2