How To Sell Skateboard Products Through El Skate Shop

Sell your skate stuff through

We’re trying an experiment. We’re going to let anyone sell on If your a shop or just a dude with a bunch of skate stuff, you can sell on You make posts of your products, they appear on our homepage, you can share the links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Your own site, Craigslist whatever…

As of this point in time, we don’t take cut. No charge. No Fees. Just an experiment. The first shops that apply will be grandfathered in and never have to pay to use as a commerce channel.

  • Anyone, anybody, anywhere can apply. You don’t even have to be a shop.
  • You should probably get a Paypal business account so you can add Buy Now buttons to your posts. This will allow you to sell online in a snap. It’s pretty easy.
  • Post as much stuff as you want to your account. For now this program is FREE to all applicants.

THE ONLY RULE: If you’re a jerk and people complain that you’re not sending people the stuff the bought from you, we’ll cancel your account.


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