what the fuck are these things?

What the fuck are these things? And why are they everywhere?

I don’t think they were intended to be skate stopping devices – but they’re fucking annoying! Even if you’re not skating they suck.

They have them right outside my local grocery store, so when you’re pushing your shopping cart out the door everything fucking rattles, sloshes and breaks before you even get to the car. WTF? What asshole invented these stupid thing? What possible purpose can they serve? Just to annoy people and to have something to sell to cities and grocery stores?

I’ve even seen women pushing their strollers over them and having a hard time. I’ve seen a kid damn near ejected out his stroller on the corner of a major intersection thanks to these fuckers.

I can’t figure out what the purpose of these mats are. Is it to wipe your feet when you get to a street corner? Let blind people know they’ve made it across the street? Is it braille?

I swear to God it must be a part of the grand conspiracy to leach money from cities and governments. My homie lives next to the 405 freeway in L.A. and he’s goes to the local pizza shop where all these Caltrans contractor fuckers eat lunch every day. He noticed these guys are always in there hanging out during all hours of the day. He finally asked them what they do. They all replied, “we’re engineers”. Turns out they were fresh out of college and the contracting company hired them all so they can bill the state for 7 engineers when they only need one on the project.

There was a story a few years ago about a hardware outfit selling the government elbow pipe for $445,640 a pop to help rebuild Iraq. You think the Iraq war was about weapons of mass destruction. Ha! Follow the $$$$. It’s all about the defense contractor racket.

That’s how the world works kids. Get yourself a fucking government contract and you’ll milk the system real good. Fat city all the way!

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