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Skate Shops in Dallas

Dallas is a big city with some big spots. And any city that has big spots that destroy boards, needs some great shops to resupply skaters. Check out our list below to find some of the best shops in and around the Dallas area.

Rec Shop

This small shop has been around since 2004 and has a great reputation in Dallas. You can everything you need for skateboarding, but also a large selection of graffiti-art supplies.

Address: 7544 E Grand Ave
Dallas, TX 75214

Phone: +1 214 887 1122

Incite Skateboarding

A skate shop located on the banks of Timber Creek. In addition to a good selection of apparel, shoes, boards, trucks, bearings, wheels, they also have a department stocked with vintage clothes.

Address: 713 Hebron Pkwy #212
Lewisville, TX 75057

Phone: +1 469 771 3005
Facebook: facebook.com/InciteSkateboarding
Instagram: instagram.com/inciteskateshop

The Point Skate Shop

This shop has two locations, each with an indoor wooden bowl where you can test your purchase or take a few lessons from some masters.

Address: 2820 Main St
Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: +1 214 775 0127
Facebook: facebook.com/ThePointSkateShop
Instagram: instagram.com/thepointskateshop

Address: 181 Fountain Ct
Fairview, TX 75069

Devotion Skateboard Company ™

The shop is also a manufacturer of skateboard decks. They also have other products that they make. But yeah, it’s a normal skate shop, so you can purchase all the main skate brands stocked here as well.

Address: 11277 E NW Hwy Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75238

Phone: +1 214 758 0786
Facebook: facebook.com/devotionskateco
Instagram: instagram.com/devotionskateco

Rhythm Skate Shop

Located in Action Park Grand Prairie, so if something breaks during your sesh, you can quickly repair your board and continue skating. It’s also a great place to test a brand new set up! They also have several more locations in Southern California.

Address: 1002 Lone Star Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Phone: +1 972 262 4479
Facebook: facebook.com/rhythmallday
Instagram: instagram.com/rhythm_skateshop

Which one of these shops listed above is your favorite? Please tell us below in the comments section.

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