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“Ok my question is: Can Brandon really dunk on a ten foot rim, or was that trick videography?”

Here is a weird unique El Skate Shop factoid about Brandon Biebel. We use to get letters from all over the world sent to El Skate Shop between 2004 and 2005. These letters were addressed to professional skateboarders. To this day we have no idea why people thought all pro skaters lived at El Skate Shop. I think we actually put a sign on the door for a while that said: Jim Greco, Eric Koston, Geoff Rowley, Andrew Reynolds, Tony Hawk, Kareem Campbell and Frank Gerwer don’t live here!

Brandon Biebel’s part on Fully Flared!

Of course one day we get a letter addressed to Brandon Biebel. It was from some girl who went to High School with him. The letter said “Brandon I knew you would always make it. I knew you would make it as a pro skateboarder”. We were touched. It was like a long lost love connection out of some 80s movie like Thrashin or Gleaming the Cube. The side love story. Anyway Brandon, if you are reading this – people do believe in you. We sure you do. You are a good skateboarder.

Decks From The Past


We called this one “Block Letters”


Biebel Head

Brandon Biebel – Chomp On This

Brandon Biebel Acid Drop HD


Hypnotic Biebel


Biebel Bee Hive

girl biebelism biebel

Biebelism Deck

girl sacramento biebel skateboard deck

Biebel Sacramento Deck

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