This is Skateboarding

There is something about this video I really don’t like. Now, by all means, the skating in this video is great. But it was the first skate video I remember where skating being strictly business. Here’s why:

  1. A lot of the dudes on this team had nothing in common. Meaning, this team wasn’t organically created. It was just some of the top pros at the time rounded up and put on a shoe company. Now board companies are different. Usually, everyone on the team are homies – and they develop that way organically.
  2. The video has a really somber tone and energy. They used a dark filter throughout the video to shade certain scenes – and it’s kind of depressing.
  3. There is no camaraderie between team members in this video at all.
  4. This is the beginning of the formula: Paid the top riders and put them on your team. Make profit. To me it’s just backfires. There is nothing to this brand except that the tops pros at the time were riding for the company.

So my final summation is: This isn’t skateboarding. Or, I guess it is when you do it for strictly business purposes.

Customer Reviews

My favorite skate video is “this is skateboarding” featuring ed templeton. He has a real aggressive and sped up approach to his skateboarding. I would have to say after seeing many of his stair sets that he hits and all, that when he does that boardslide to snapping his deck on the landing is the best part of the video. Ed’s older stuff is still a fun thing to watch and think of when you picture the things he was doing at the time being. – V. Adivari

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