transworld are you alright skate video 2003

Transworld – Are You Alright?



Year Released:



  • Aaron Harrison
  • Clint Peterson
  • Danny Way
  • Donny Barley
  • Jake Brown
  • Jesse Fritsch
  • Judd Hertzler
  • Matt Dove
  • Pat Duffy
  • Ryan Wilburn

El Commander Says..

Wow. That Pat Duffy part. You always need a good reminder of how gnarly that dude is. Remember, he is “The King of Rails”. Waaaaaay back in the day while people were doing teeny little flip tricks on 4 inch high curbs, Pat was attacking 12+ stair handrails when no one else would get near them. Living proof that NorCal skaters are some of the gnarliest.

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