Trauma - la deca-danse skate video 2011

Trauma – La Deca-Danse


Trauma Skateboards

Alex Richard part

Oscar Candon part

Ben Delaboulaye part

Julien Merour part

Melting part

Year Released:



  • Alex Richard
  • Ben Delaboulaye
  • Guillaume Martinez
  • Jeremy Garcia
  • Julien Merour
  • Julien Morin
  • Nicolas Rouquette
  • Oscar Candon
  • Walid Mamine

El Commander Says:

I’m going to assume this footage is from Europe. France? Europe is one of those places where the cities are either impossible to skate or they’re perfect. I remember going to Italy in the 1990s right after I thought I was going to start a skateboarding wheel company. I had some wheel samples with me and I thought I could pop into a skate shop or two and start building some overseas customers. No deal. The streets where impossible to skate on. Everything was cobble stone or rough as hell.

But then you watch this video and there’s marble and smooth surfaces for days. You just never know! Maybe that’s why Italy doesn’t have much of a skate scene? It’s all in France and Spain from what I gather. If you’re ever in Seville (Sevilla), there’s these amazing tranny-columns in the middle of the town. Skate em!

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