skateboarding meat mash

Grind Your Body Into Bloody Meat Mash For Your Sponsors

Do it!

Sacrifice everything for them!

Blood, gashes, broken bones, missing teeth. It’s all good. Exploit your body for their profit.

Hopefully you can get on some energy drink company, and get all “caffein-roided” out and hurl your body off the Grand Canyon or the Mega Ramp.

Maybe they can give you a syringe of their energy drink and you can shoot it up into your balls. AAARARARARGGGGGUUUUUUUOOOOOO!!!!!!

That’s the sound I would make if I shot up energy-jiz into my scrotum.

And you would be more than happy to do it for these guys:

consolidated skateboards executive decks

Then if you do good, you can be invited to some industry/bro party at Agenda and get all trashed with the owners and their homies.

It’s funny. For a seemingly liberal industry, skateboarding and “Action Sports” is probably one of the most exploitative labor hustles on earth.

Kids use to work in factories and lose limbs fucking around huge machines. In today’s world, they fuck themselves up skating down enormous stair sets or jumping motorcycles 50 feet in the air.

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