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Jeron Wilson can kickflip over a river. Tight!

Jeron Wilson – Skate More

Jeron Wilson – Goldfish

Jeron Wilson – Bangin!

Jeron Wilson – Girl Mouse

This footage is almost 20 years old and still classic, you can see the old Venice skate park also.

Jeron has been a staple on the Girl Skateboards team for decades now. We get the feeling he is from the valley and has possibly skated for Val-Surf skate shop in the San Fernando Valley. There seems to be some early relationship between that skate shop and Girl Skateboards for quite some time.

If you’re from the Valley, perhaps you should try to ride for that shop – or spend time skating with the dudes associated with that shop. You might go somewhere ;).

Jeron Wilson Skateboard Decks From Years Past




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