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Jeremy Wray was on Element Skateboards up until 2006 or 2007 and then seems to have mysteriously been dropped. And now he is back on again. Jeremy Wray is a street skating legend.

Jeremy Wray – Adio: One Step Beyond

I had this on VHS and this was my favorite part! It’s cool to see someone skate the desert.

And few video more:

Classics: Jeremy Wray “Second Hand Smoke”

Jeremy Wray – 4 Wheel Drive

Elementality Jeremy Wray

Jeremy Wray | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

Jeremy Wray – Stop And Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

Jeremy Wray Breaks Down Some Of His Most Memorable Tricks

Jeremy Wray 2020 | Steezy Mixtape

JENKEM – Revisiting the Water Tower Ollie with Jeremy Wray

The Water Tower Gap

Probably THE GNARLIEST trick in skateboarding history – the water tower gap. This was done by Jeremy Wray back in the 1990s. Somewhere in Orange County, CA there are two water towers about forty feet high each. They are separated by a 16 foot gap according to legend. Jeremy ollied this gap and made skateboarding history.

Now, it may not seem that crazy reading this, but I assure you that if you got on top of this tower and were thinking of trying it, you’d sh*t your pants. Literally, not figuratively. Here are some of the details:

  • There are rocks and pebbles on top of the tower. You may think it’d be clear of debris, but it’s not. Imagining getting caught up on a rock right before you ollie. It’d be overs for you.
  • The top of the tower isn’t flat. It’s convex. That’s the opposite of concave. It’s like a slight dome. I hate trying to do tricks when there’s the slightest downhill to the run up. Drives me nuts.
  • When your board falls, it gets chipped. Yeah your board falls forty feet each time you don’t pull it.
  • Bailing at forty feet doesn’t provide you with ANY options. You just take it. Luckily he never had to deal with it.

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