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“This is the dude who sacked it in the Girl video right? Or am I wrong? Oh yeah he is the guy that dry humps everyone and everything.”

Jereme Rogers definitely had a hyper personality a while back. That quote about the Girl video is true. It’s probably the worst thing you’ll ever see in terms of straight nut crushing. It will make you not want to skate for about a week. Jereme Rogers has migrated from Girl Skateboards to Plan B Skateboards. It’s really interesting, these two companies share a lot of riders. It’s been that way since 1993.

Jereme Rogers – Yeah Right – Girl

Jereme Rogers has crazy stories and is in some classic videos, always entertaining.

More Jereme’s video:

Jereme Rogers Skate More – DVS

Jereme Rogers New Skateboarding 2019

“Jereme Rogers’ Neighborhood” (2006)

Jereme Rogers: A day in the life

Jereme Rogers Decks From Years Past:

girl tones rogers

Girl Rogers Tones Deck

girl kindergarten rogers

Rogers Kindergarten Skateboard Deck

girl hypnotic rogers

Jereme Rogers Hypnotic Deck

girl googlies rogers

Googlies Rogers Skateboard Deck

girl 13th rogers

Girl 13th Rogers Deck

girl factory rogers

Girl Factory Rogers

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