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Houston Skateboard Shops

Houston is the home of some great skaters (notably Dave Reul and Darrell Stanton). And a city with great skaters needs some great skate shops. Here they are!

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Hip skate shop filled with colorful boards as well as brand-name & indie streetwear & shoes. The shop is located on Westheimer Rd, across from the Central Houston Animal Hospital, between the Poison Girl bar and the Patty Cash vintage clothing store. Has a small parking lot next to it.

Address: 1641 Westheimer Rd #2
Houston, TX 77006

Phone: +1 832 331 4175
Instagram: instagram.com/sel_ect

Geometric Skate Shop

They have a huge wall of decks, and a nice selection of skate shoes as well. Good customer service. Located near the 7-Eleven gas station on Rankin road. Has convenient parking. And most importantly – North Houston Skate Park is directly opposite.

Address: 320 W Rankin Rd B
Houston, TX 77090

Phone: +1 281 836 6113
Facebook: facebook.com/geometricskateshop
Instagram: instagram.com/geometricskateshop

Brick Skate Shop

Skater owned and operated skate shop. Lots of board choices and overall great customer service. Great atmosphere too. The store is on the corner of Chimney Rd and Clarewood Dr. Half a mile north is Gulfton Skatepark.

Address: 6611 Chimney Rock Rd #1
Houston, TX 77081

Phone: +1 832 831 0036
Facebook: facebook.com/brickskateshop
Instagram: instagram.com/brickskateshop

Embassy Skateboards

Embassy Skateboards brand is the brain child of Skateboard Legend John “TEX” Gibson (John was the first Texas pro skateboarder) and Bark Hard band mate Lee Leal. Shane Munce’s artwork has emerged as a staple in the Embassy style of art. Of course, the owners have been long standing supporters of the skating scene in Houston. Located on Lawndale St., across from the Valero gas station.

Address: 7126 Lawndale St
Houston, TX 77023

Phone: +1 832 651 0373
Facebook: facebook.com/embassyskateboards
Instagram: instagram.com/embassyskateboards

Sinkhole 42

Sinkhole 42 was founded in 2017 and has been providing quality skateboard products to the public ever since. All decks are hand-painted. The store is located in a quiet area on Dragonwick Dr.

Address: 3134 Dragonwick Dr
Houston, TX 77045

Phone: +1 347 991 1879
Facebook: facebook.com/sinkhole42
Instagram: instagram.com/sinkhole42

What did you think of this list? Have you been to any of these shops? Let us know in the comments section below.

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