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The legendary old schooler. Old schoolers get mad props since they had the balls to do gnarly shit and not get any money for it.

Brad Bowman skating Marina Del Rey skatepark 1979

That video shows Brad skating the famous Marina Del Rey skatepark. That was like the Mecca for skateboarding in the late 1970s and early 1980s. You can see that he’s wearing a “Dog Bowl Pro” contest garment. I’m sure Dog Bowl refers to the bowl he’s skating in and since it’s next to Venice, CA (a.k.a Dogtown) – that’s probably where the contest name originates from.

The amazing thing about these old bowl / pool skaters is that many of them are still at it to this day! I guess concrete is more forgiving than I thought :).

If you have ever seen the Bob Burnquist “Double B” deck, I think it originally came from a Brad Bowman deck.

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