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Billy Marks rides for Toy Machine. Toy Machine decks are pretty damn good. Always hard to get though, they keep their distribution pretty tight.

Billy Marks Good and Evil part

“Raw, Flipping in to every which way. Sliding the last inch of every rail. It’s fucking tight.” – Jeremy on Billy’s Good and Evil part

Billy’s boards used to range from 7.5″ to 7.625″ mostly. But that was back in the early 2000s. I’m guessing that now-a-days, they’re in the 8″ range since everything has gotten bigger. It’s weird too because all the Flip guys were skating big boards back in the early 2000s. Big boards make for stronger ones and some say they make your flips nice and slow looking. All stylish…

More video:

The Christmas Commander | Billy Marks

Billy Marks 2020 | Steezy Mixtape


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