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Brian Sumner

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“Brian Sumner is the nicest pro you will ever meet. But if you take advantage of this fact I will personally kick your ass.”

Brian’s part from Adio’s One Step Beyond

Brian Sumner – Comeback Skateboard Part Birdhouse – The Beginning

Yep that’s right. Brian Sumner knows karate. And he is not afraid to use it. There was a story going around that Brian had a hard time with getting into fights. It’s weird because he seems like such a refined English Gentlemen. We use to see him drive around town in a Mini Copper with the British Flag painted on top. He also has a little Chihuahua companion that rides shotgun. It’s kind of awesome when you think about it. Here is this completely non-aggressive looking guy with a toy dog that can kick your ass.

Brian is a really good skateboarder. Unfortunately it seems that he has had very little opportunities to display his skating. The only two videos I can think of that he was in Adio’s One Step Beyond and Birdhouse’s The End. Those videos are approaching ten years of age. Hopefully we’ll see some more parts from Brian in the near future.

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