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I first saw this guy on the Emerica video I think. I strange to think that you would first hear about a skater in the Emerica video.

Aaron Suski’s part from Emerica This is Skateboarding

Aaron Suski – Satori Stories

Hell on Wheels: Aaron Suski

Aaron’s is the godfather of the millennial style: he’s got tranny down, speed, and a killer street steez. And of course he gets the extra cool cred of being East Coast raw. NOTE: Being from somewhere other than California can be a huge boost to your skating career 🙂 (assuming you’re a sick skater to begin with).

If you’re looking for a great example of a salad grind – watch the videos above. That’s a great style to emulate. It’s clean, powerful, has it all tweaked out in a noticeable angle. I was watching Steve Caballero do salad grinds in a trick tip video – and even Cab doesn’t get them as tweaked out as Aaron does.

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