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If you watch the Transworld Free Your Mind video, Cairo Foster makes the funniest face I have ever seen when he doesn’t land that super huge ollie over that gap.

Cairo Foster – Transworld Free Your Mind (ollies 2 block + gap)

I have never seen someone so pissed and not throw their board.

Cairo is known for hurling his body over gaps and other big obstacles. There are a few guys like that: The Butcher, Corey Duffel and Jerry Hsu to name a few. Cairo is a mad man and great skateboarder.

A little fact probably forgotten about: Cairo rode for Popwar Skateboards back in 2004. Unfortunately, that company didn’t last too long. The distribution that brand was out of seemed to be going through a lot of changes back then and I guess they had to can the brand. It had some pretty sick graphics and a good team.

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