This was a video created by Bam Margera, Brandon Dicamillo and Ryan Gee. When this came out I had never seen such an explosion in video popularity ever. This sh*t traveled like wildfire. Every kid (not just skater) had a copy of this video within a year.

I always preface that Bam must have had some influence from the Big Brother Video Shit, because they both share a very similar format; a mixture of hi-jinks and skateboarding. The Shit video spread in a similar fashion in the skateboarding underground, but it was released in the early 1990s (skateboarding wasn’t very big back then and neither was media duplication) so it didn’t have the mechanisms to spread very far.

Most of the video includes Bam and friends f*cking around. Renting cars and destroying them, jumping of buildings and tall structures and landing in either trees, bushes or piles of gravel. There is also a section on land-skiing furniture using cars (instead of boats) and kicking footballs at cars. It’s all pretty juvenile, but when it came out it was quite funny.

There are also some well edited skateboarding montages, which I would have to blame for making skateboarding super popular in the year 2000. I think more people go introduced to skateboarding because of CKY2K than they realize. I think they other part of that equation was definitely Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

More on the rise of skateboarding popularity: A lot of people think that it’s sad. Sad at the fact that skateboarding got most of it’s popularity from Bam Margera and a video game. I think it’s great. Here’s why: Skateboarding is an awesome culture. It’s creative, intelligent, individualistic and anarchistic. Basically it teaches people to think for themselves and not to follow orders. That’s great for teaching people to oppose oppressive regimes, police brutality and messed up governments. Most people will say “kids don’t understand that stuff, they just skate for fun”. This is true, but eventually these characteristics of skateboarding will come through in their later years. I’ve seen this happen over and over again!

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