zero skateboards anthology dvd set

Zero Skateboards Anthology

This is a rare limited edition collectors box set. For all of you who don’t know, skateboarding wouldn’t be where it is today without Zero Skateboards.

Thrill Of It All

Misled Youth

Dying To Live

New Blood

It was the first two videos that Zero came out with that really set skating on fire back in the mid to late 1990s. Hell, skateboarding was pretty much dead back in the mid 1990s. Plan B had gone out of business in 1996 and there wasn’t much else goin.

Jamie Thomas took it to a new level. He decided to take skateboarding to the big stuff. Huge hand rails, huge gaps, huge stair sets. The footage he was producing was draw dropping for the time.

This video box set captures the entire history of Zero Skateboards. The first two videos, Thrill Of It All and Misled Youth are must see videos. You will see Jim Greco’s debut skate footage and a bunch of skaters that history has forgot, but really killed it. The music is very rocker style, a little heavy, a little classic rock. Some footage is pre VX-1000 for sure.

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