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“Chet Thomas used to own the skate shop down the street from us. Owning a board company must be way more lucrative than owning a skate shop. Perhaps we will do the same.”

Darkstar Battalion Chet Thomas

Chet Thomas | Globe Opinion | 2001

Chet Thomas 411vm#15 profiles(1995)

Chet Thomas in TWS – ‘Uno’ [1996]

He is the owner and creator of Darkstar Skateboards. Darkstar started out as a wheel company. Eventually they moved into skateboards, and it seems that skateboards have become the focus of the company since this transition.

Chet Thomas also owned two skateboard shops in Huntington Beach, CA for a while. One of them was on the corner of Warner (the same Warner that the Warner Krew lived on – Andrew Reynolds and the Baker guys) and Springdale. Around 2003 a lot of skate shops in Huntington Beach were feeling a pinch because skateboarding popular was starting to decline a bit. Chet Thomas left his partnership with the Aftermath skate shop and focused on Darkstar full time.

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