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Andrew Reynolds has an interesting story from what I gather. I think it all hovers around his sponsor me tape. Him and his friends wanted to get sponsored by some shop in Florida. Somehow his tape got into the hands of Gordon & Smith (i think). Andrew Reynolds also attended many contests in Florida where he ran into Tony Hawk. Tony put Andrew Reynolds on Birdhouse Skateboards.

In 1998 or 1998 Birdhouse release “The End”, where Andrew Reynolds made his first major video appearance. In that video Andrew Reynolds pops a huge frontside flip over a 16 stair handrail. That trick established Andrew Reynolds as a made man in the skateboarding world.

Andrew Reynolds – The End

Andrew Reynolds | ” Insane Sessions ” 2020

Stay Gold: Andrew Reynolds (2010)

Emerica Stay Gold B-Side: Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds – Stop And Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

Classics – Andrew Reynolds S.O.T.Y.

Andrew Reynolds | Life On Video | Full Story

Andrew Reynolds Baker 4 Full Hd – Vídeo Part

Andrew Reynolds – Baker 3

Eventually a video was made called Baker Bootleg which featured a lot of Andrew Reynolds and his skating buddies. Baker Bootleg launched the start up of two companies: Baker Skateboards and Bootleg Skateboards.

Past Andrew Reynolds Skateboard Decks

baker reynolds popart skateboard deck

Pop Art

baker andrew reynolds hot sauce skateboard deck

Hot Sauce

baker andrew reynolds photo

Reynolds Photo

reynolds dots skateboard deck

Reynolds Dots

reynolds leopard deck

Leopard Deck

reynolds ziggy skateboard deck

Reynolds Ziggy Deck

reynolds thrasher skateboard deck

Reynolds Thrasher Deck

baker reynolds logo

Reynolds Logo Deck

baker reynolds basic

Reynolds Basic Deck

Baker Skateboards Andrew Reynolds Decks
Baker Skateboards Andrew Reynolds Decks

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