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James Craig has been a long time pro for Blind Skateboards. Probably approaching ten years now. In the early 2000s James had dislocated his knee four times in one month.

That’s a really difficult injury to plauge a skateboarder. This is the a huge turning point for a pro skateboarder. It’s the point where they have to think about getting hurt every time they try a trick. It really easy to be ballzy and think your indestructible when you are young and dumb. But there will be a day when all that comes to an end.

James Craig – The Blind Video

Even through all the injuries this guy can still rip! I personally think his part in this video is way better then the last Blind part

We had a friend that was becoming a very good skateboarder very fast. I remember my other friends saying that he was better than a lot of pros at the time. Then he tried a big trick over a rail and destroyed his knee. And ever since then, he just couldn’t skate anything big again because of the fear associated with going though the whole ordeal. It’s a total legitimate fear, especially when you are the one who has to pay the medical bills.

Back to James Craig. It appears that after being injured for a while he is back skating again. That’s good news. And it looks like he has pretty permanent tenure on Blind too.

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411 #47-James Craig check up (2001)

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