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AKA: My Name is Earl

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Jason Lee is THE pro skater turned celebrity actor. Kinda. Like, I’m not sure you could give him celebrity status just yet. I guess they call that the “B List” right? But I’m sure has respect for himself to not DO the things you NEED to do to be A List.

Jason and his buddy Chris Pastras started Stereo Skateboards in 1992. It went strong for a few years. They had the legendary Ethan Fowler on their team and somewhere in the mid 1990s, skateboarding went into another dark ages for a couple year and it seems like they killed the project.

The 3 Flip Myth Thingy

Anyway, Jason Lee invented the motherfuckin’ 3 flip! I think… I think that’s what I heard. So when you think about all his bullshit acting gigs, his real contribution to the world is the 360 kickflip. That’s a huge deal. That’s like THE trick. I’m doing THE a lot today. Sorry.

But seriously. One could say that the 3 flip is a foundational piece of skateboarding. People are judged by how well they 3 flip. Like you could be doing switch smith grinds down 15 stair handrails, but if your 3 flip sucks, you’ll never go pro. And you’d be like, “Fuck you Jason Lee for inventing the 3 flip. You ruined my career!”

Those are literally the words that would come out of your mouth.

UPDATE: I’m starting to think he didn’t invent the 3-flip. It was probably Rodney Mullen. Sorry about that folks! Whoops. My bad 🙂 !

Stereo Skateboards Comes Back

After about a 8 year hiatus Jason Lee decided to re-launch Stereo Skateboards with his long time friend Chris Pastras. And honestly, at the time, we were like “this ain’t going to last”. Basically, back then (2003/2004) the number of board brands in skateboarding was like a gazillion. BUT! They made it work. Which is pretty awesome – because they have a pretty sick brand (I personally have a boner for mid century graphic design and that’s basically Stereo in a nutshell).

But what’s really cool is Jason returned to something he was passionate about: skateboarding. He could have ignored skating and went on with his Hollywood lifestyle – but instead he’s been an active contributor to the skateboarding community.

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