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Neen Williams

Redefining what it means to be a skater, Neen Williams is always looking to improve himself.

Known for his massive heelflips, Williams has developed his own “Ninja Style”.

Chicago-born Williams started getting exposure in 2011 when he starred in a video for Skate Junt. Later that same year, Deathwish decided to turn Williams pro.

Neen still works with Deathwish, as well as Skate Junt, Onnit, Thunder Trucks, Stance Socks, FP, Ten Thousand, and Satori Wheels.

After an ACL injury at age 28, Williams wanted to turn himself around. He got himself sober and started focusing on personal fitness. Williams is now over 6 years sober and in the best shape of his life.

Williams dedicates his public image to showing the healthy side of skateboarding. He posts videos of workouts and diets rather than drinking and partying.

Neen has taken his love for healthy living to the rest of the world with his spice business, Not A Damn Chance [N.A.D.C]. On top of that, he’s branched out from pro skateboarder to certified kettlebell instructor.

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