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Steve Berra

Steve Berra – Skate More

Pro skateboarder, director, screenwriter, actor, brand consultant, content creator. Give Steve Berra a job to do and he’ll do it.

At age 14, Nebraska-born Berra decided that pro skateboarding was what he wanted to do. By age 18 Berra had moved to California to live with Tony Hawk, who over the years became a mentor.

In his early days, Berra moved from sponsor to sponsor. Starting with Blockhead, he quickly moved to 101 Skateboards, which he then quit to join Birdhouse. Berra left Birdhouse a few times before partnering with Alien Workshop.

Berra’s first stint at acting was at Birdhouse. He’s since acted for a number of brands. Berra even wrote and directed a feature-length film, The Good Life, in 2007.

The biggest claim to fame for Berra is the fact he co-owns The Berrics with Eric Koston. A private skatepark with its own website, The Berrics has one rule, if you skate here you have to film it.  The Berrics website quickly became a favorite among the skating community, posting regular content from its start in 2009.

Berra is now sponsored by The Berrics, having left Alien Workshop in 2013.

Steve Berra & Heath Kirchart Transworld “Interface”

Steve Berra Vs. Billy Marks: Unsanctioned Battle

Steve Berra – Mind Field

Steve Berra in TWS – ‘4 Wheel Drive’

Steve Berra Foundation Rolling Thunder

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*Editor’s Note: I just re-watched that Steve’s Skate More part and damn yo…I always forget that Steve is a skater. He’s become more of a skateboarding personality in my mind. But that part is really sick. He has super clean style, he skates fast, it’s a great part!

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