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Christian Hosoi

Also known as “Christ” or “Holmes”, Christian Hosoi started his path to pro skateboarder at 7. His dad managed a skatepark in California, leading to Hosoi dropping out of school to hone his skills.

Hosoi had a string of bad luck with sponsors early on. Around age 13 he got his first sponsorship from Powell Peralta. He left a year later after they refused to turn him pro, joining Dogtown, only for them to bankrupt not long after. Hosoi eventually turned pro at 14 with Sims Skateboards.

Hosoi quickly emerged as a competitor in vertical riding, and in street skating too when it began in the ’80s. He won both the vert and street contests at the 1989 Lotte Cup in Japan. Hosoi also invented the Christ Air and Rocket Air tricks.

Hosoi formed Hosoi Skates in 1984, one of his few business ventures that didn’t end badly.

In the ’90s Hosoi faced bankruptcy due to a series of failed skateboard companies, as well as an addiction to drugs. Hosoi stopped attending events after a warrant was out for his arrest in 1995. He even declined an invitation to the first X Games. Hosoi was arrested in 2000 after trying to transport crystal meth. He only served 4 years of his 10-year sentence.

While in prison, Hosoi became a born-again Christian. Hosoi is now an ordained pastor at the Sanctuary in Huntington Beach, CA.

In 2009 Hosoi received the Transworld Legend Award, cementing his reputation as one of the most influential skaters in history.

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