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Lance Mountain

One of the most prolific stakeboarders of the ’80s, Lance Mountain is still going strong to this day.

After getting his first skateboard from a friend in 1975, Mountain took first or second place in almost every amateur competition he entered.

He got his first sponsor and went pro with Variflex in 1981. It wasn’t long though before he moved to Powell-Peralta the following year. Over the following 10 years, Mountain appeared in 8 Bones Brigade Videos, including “The Search For Animal Chin”.

By the mid-’80s, Mountain gained popularity by both winning the Upland Turkey Shoot in 1983 and appearing in skateboarding’s first full-length company video in 1984 “The Bones Brigade Video Show”.

In 1991, Mountain left Powell-Peralta to co-found The Firm with Ray Barbee. They ended up recruiting several skateboarders, notable Bob Burnquist and Rodrigo “Tx” Teixeira.

In 2006, Mountain announced the end of The Firm and he was quickly recruited by Flip. Mountain’s current sponsors are Flip, Independent Truck, Spitfire, Nike SB, Swiss, and Stüssy.

Mountain has created several tricks in his career, including the Sadplant, the Eggplant, and the Gay Twist.

On top of skateboarding, Mountain is an avid artist, with his works being auctioned off for charity on occasion.

Mountain also created the fingerboard, making the prototype out of cardboard, pencil erasers, and a disassembled Hot Wheels toy. The invention has now sold multiple millions of units.

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Sponsors (Current & Past)

  • Flip
  • Independent Trucks
  • Spitfire
  • Nike SB
  • Bones Bearings
  • Stussy

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