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Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist is an X-Games legend.

After starting skating at age 11 in Sao Paulo, Bob turned pro by the age of 14. In 1995 he won the Slam City Jam and has been wowing crowds ever since, competing in every Summer X-Game event from its start in 1995 to his retirement from the competition in 2017.

Bob has proven capable in all disciplines but has set himself apart when it comes to MegaRamp and Vert. That might be because he has a private half-pipe and MegaRamp at home in California, which he calls Dreamland.

He’s always trying to improve his tricks, making them more creative and more difficult each time. In 2010 he was the first skateboarder to land a Mega Fakie-to-Fakie 900. His signature move is the One-Footed Smith Grind.

Over the years Bob has worked with TNT Energy Drink, Flip Skateboards, Hurley, Oakley, Ricta Wheels, and Independent Trucks.

Tony Hawk scouted Bob to appear in the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, even though they were competitors at the time.

Bob set up the Bob Burnquist Foundation to help bring knowledge of organic farming and gardening to schools.

Bob Burnquist – The Firm

Bob Burnquist -“Interface”(1997)

Bob Burnquist | Extremely Sorry | Flip Skateboards

Bob Burnquist: BEING | X Games Minneapolis 2018

Bob Burnquist Grand Canyon Skateboard Basejump

Classics: Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” Part

Bob Burnquist | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 162

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Sponsors (Current & Past)

  • Chipotle
  • Toyota
  • URGH!
  • Ogio
  • TNT Energy Drink
  • Hurley
  • Oakley
  • Globe
  • Flip Skateboards
  • Independent Trucks
  • Ricta Wheels

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