sean malto

Sean Malto

From local shops to elite sponsors, Sean Malto’s discipline has led to his successful skate career.

Malto picked up his first board at age 10 in his hometown of Lansing, Kansas. From an early age, he was supported by the Escapist Skate Shop in Kansas City, support that he still gets today.

In 2013, Malto suffered a serious ankle injury that put him out of commission for almost 3 years. Malto focused on his recovery from the moment of the accident. Following his return to contests, Malto has earned two top-10 Street League finishes and landed 5th place in X Games Norway 2018.

Malto has an impressive videography, with over 30 videos ranging from amateur tapes to professional content for his sponsors.

Malto’s made a habit of keeping sponsors. His first deck sponsor was Girl Skateboards, who eventually turned Malto pro. Over a decade later he’s still sponsored by Girl.


Malto’s current sponsors are Escapist, Girl, Nike SB, Thunder, Spitfire, Mt. Dew, Diamond, Beats by Dre, and GoPro.



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