Skateboarding History: The Leap of Faith

There are a few moments in skateboarding history that are truly monumental. The Leap of Faith is one of them. And it’s such a landmark that no one has done it since.

And it’s just an ollie.

It’s not like it was just Jamie Thomas hitting the spot for the first time. You know, like he just broke down the barrier making it easier for other skaters to attempt it….no one else has tried ANYTHING (as far as we know) down it since.

And that was like in 1996 or some sh*t.

It’s also one of those spots where you don’t want anyone trying anything down it. Because they might die or seriously injure themselves.

The only other spot / event I can think of that rivals the Leap of Faith is the Jeremy Wray water tower gap – which is gnarlier in my book. We’ll cover that next.

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