Jovontae Turner Mixtape

I stumbled across this gem recently. I think what promoted me was from watching the 9 Club episode with Jason Lee. Jason was speaking highly of Jovontae’s 3 flips. I decided to take a gander to see what that was all about, and Jovontae certainly has a nice flick.

What is it about this video?

But this little video is a great capture of that SF EMB time period. It has the SF style rap (RBL Posse), the steeze and all that jazz. For those kids who love to emulate that early 90s era, this is for you.

Watch his lines closely. This dude was killing it waaaaay back. Clean tricks. Good lines. Great style.

Watch Jovontae’s 9 Club Episode

If you want to learn (basically everything about Jovontae), then watch this 9 Club video:

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