Why You Should Skate Anti Hero Skateboards


Because Anti Hero is the exact opposite of Nike.

It’s actually the exact opposite of a lot of things. And that’s a good thing!

And let me say, we have nothing against people who where Nike. It’s just that we would never wear them.

It’s like: I don’t roll around in Mercedes because Hitler rolled around in one. Now if your parents drive a Mercedes, I’m sure they’re not Nazis. They’re probably good people.

But it’s kind of like I’m not going to drive the brand of car that the devil himself drove in.


Let me take it further. Let’s say their was a leather goods company from the South. They used to make whips for slave owners and sandals for the masses. They just DID leather. They were good at it. I wouldn’t rock their sandals today because they profited off the slave trade. (And I bet a lot of people wouldn’t for that reason).


Feel me?

But back to Anti Hero…

The anti-establishment angle never seems to do well commercially. It’s unfortunate. But Anti Hero my my my. They do it well and survive. Props to them. Check out these decks:

Check out the bumper stickers!

Whiskey shots and beers for kids….hehehehe

I could use a guide on vagrancy…

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