Do Not Ride Your Skateboard Through Sand


Welcome To Skateboard Hell…

Maybe most of you know this already.

But this is warning to the entire world. SO LISTEN UP!

Sand is your skateboard’s worst enemy. Well, that and rain/water.

But sand will ruin your bearings. You know those $30 bearings you bought. Done. Dead. Outta-commish.

Sand sticks to bearing lube/grease

That’s your first problem. And if you try to wipe it off, what you really do is push all those small granules into your bearing openings. You’re putting little microscopic rocks in between the pieces that spin. Nothing will wear down the performance of your bearings faster than that.

Micro rocks score and beat your bearings to hell

So once those tiny sand particles are in your bearings, they will erode the inside of your bearings. This is where all hell breaks loose. Tiny bits of sand start eating away at the insides of your bearing parts.

Can you clean sand and dirt off your bearings?

Theoretically, yes. You just have to be careful not to push the dirt and grime into your bearing openings. Make sure you wipe away sand and dirt gently. Bones provides a lot of bearing care products.

You should read our How To Clean Skateboard Bearings Guide if you have ridden through sand or just need to revitalize the performance of your bearings…

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