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Big Brother – Shit

big brother shit skate video

If you want to know where Bam Margera got his “game” from you need to look no further than a skateboard video put out by Big Brother Magazine back in 1995.

Shit is what made me love skateboarding. To this day I think it has the best format for a skate video. It’s a tour video, but with lots of hi-jinks, great musical selection and just NOT BORING. It really portrayed how free skateboarding was back in the early 1990s. There was no money in skateboarding back then. It was just a bunch of crazy kids f*cking around and having fun every day of their lives.

After Shit was released Big Brother did other skate video releases such as: “Number 2”, “Boob” and “Crap”.

If you start watching these other releases you will see more Wee-Man and Johnny Knoxville showing up. And you can see where this leads to. Bam started doing his own similar type of video which blew up (CKY and CKY2K) and they eventually all merged together to do the t.v. show and movie Jackass.

The problem is, I don’t want to ruin the ground breaking awesomeness of Shit by comparing it to CKY2K and Jackass. It’s totally different. So get yourself a copy today if you can find it!

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