Bootleg 3000

This video must live on.

This is from that weird era when there were two companies: Baker and Bootleg. They had the same font in their logos. Both teams kind of had the same demeanor. It was almost like Girl and Chocolate – but it wasn’t. They were two completely different companies ran out of two different distributions.

I think there was some falling out or something like that. From what I recall Andrew Reynolds and Jay Strickland both worked on the Baker Bootleg video together. It was just supposed to be a video among friends – something different while they were both working for / riding for Birdhouse. As luck would have it, the video became and underground hit.

I presume that both Andrew and Jay wanted to start their own thing once the video took off. For whatever reason they didn’t start it together and they went their own ways.

But back to this video. It has:

  • Lots of unnecessarily slow motion (but if you’re blunted it kind of works)
  • Kool Keith
  • Scott Kane dual am and pro parts back to back
  • Power slides.
  • Style. This was a video about style and not bangers so much.

I’m still blown away by Scott Kane’s part to this very day. This video features:

  • Brian Michaud
  • Ryan Nix
  • Nick Trapasso
  • Scott Kane
  • Elissa Steamer
  • Pete Eldridge

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