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Flip Skateboards

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I remember watching parts of this at ASR back in 2002. This video was 2002. Nothing else mattered that year. It basically proved that European skaters were better than American skaters and they should sit the f*ck down for the year.

Thanks to Sorry, El Skate Shop was introduced to Grey Matter – a terrific band. Geoff Rowley’s part featured a Beatles cover of I am the Walrus by Grey Matter. Every kid for miles around loved that song. Take a listen:

Geoff’s part was full gnar. Bastien’s part was sick. I never get to Arto’s part for some reason, but I recall he had two parts. So it must have been amazing. But maybe my favorite part in the whole video was Alex Chalmers’s part. Maybe because my brain needs to see some tranny and it’s a nice relief. Oh, and Tom Penny’s part is iconic. It feels like a mushroom trip at a Velvet Underground concert. All around epic video. Maybe top video of the decade. Oh sh*t and you have Johnny Rotten interludes between parts. I mean, c’mon – there’s been nothing like this since. Good job Ewan!

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