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So I am looking at this cover of Thrasher (April 2005) and Geoff Rowley is landing fakie into the bank of hell.

Forget Danny Way and the super ramp, Geoff Rowley is crazy. Geoff Rowley is a loon. Kids should not look up to him, because he is trying to kill himself. I’m serious. Apparently Geoff Rowley is doing a 360 ollie into this monster. This bank is at least 65 ft high and it’s at a 55 degree angle. That’s super steep! If you fell, you would loose all your skin. You know, your skin is your largest organ. YOU WOULD LOSE YOUR LARGEST ORGAN!

Geoff Rowley is a vegan. Geoff Rowley doesn’t eat meat. However Rowley goes on Mountain Lion hunts in Colorado. I don’t think anyone will every understand Geoff Rowley. I had a friend from England once. He became a professional jet-ski racer. Who would ever think that someone from a place with such good manners, who can write with perfect grammar, would join such a redneck calling?


Geoff Rowley – Sorry

There are so many little factoids to his Sorry part:

  • Everyone wants to know who did the song for his part. Answer: it’s an obscure band called gray matter. When this video came out, people tried so hard to find this album it was hilarious. People where beating their heads against the wall.
  • The song is a cover of a Beatles tune called I am the Walrus. Super fitting since Geoff is also an English rock star.
  • Geoff Rowley is probably the last person to skate and destory UC Irvine’s Humanities Hand Rails. They have since been knobed up. Like super-welded on.

Geoff Rowley’s parents live in England and drink tea. They have no idea what their son is really up to. I think if they saw this sequence of Rowley doing this 360 ollie into this bank they would faint. But then again, I know nothing of Geoff Rowley’s parents.

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