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Pronounced Gu-EE not GUY Mariano. Actually I have no idea he pronounces his own name.

That is just one way to say it. Basically I got in a fight with a French-Canadian about to pronounce the name “Guy”. I ended up getting in a head-lock and was forced never to say “Guy” again. Anyway, Guy has probably the most incredible story ever told in the history of skateboarding.

Guy Mariano’s entry for X Games Real Street 2013

Guy Mariano made Jason Lee quit skateboarding to pursue acting. He was just a little kid back in 1991, and Jason Lee realized he had no future in skateboarding if Guy kept killing it. Sure enough for the next decade Guy just kept getting better and better, doing tricks that still baffle people to this very day.

Unfortunately (or fortunately – depending on how you look at it now), Guy slowly fell victim to partying. Partying too much can lead to substance abuse and a downward spiral. And for a while no one knew what happened to Guy. He stopped skating and just disappeared from the skateboarding scene. Luckily, enough people who cared about him got together to snap him out of it.

He made an insane comeback with his Fully Flared part. Not only did he basically re-learn how to skate, he pushed himself to create his best video parts of his life. So there is your lesson: if you ever fall from grace, pushing yourself with unbeatable will can bring you back to an amazing new life.

Epicly Later’d Guy Mariano Part 8

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Guy Mariano Skateboard Decks From Years Past:


girl 13th mariano skate deck

Girl 13th Mariano Deck

girl factory mariano skateboard deck

Girl Factory Mariano Deck

girl googlies mariano deck

Girl Mariano Googlies Skateboard Deck

girl mariano first skate deck

Mariano First Deck

girl mariano street pirate deck

Street Pirate Deck

girl mariano tones skateboard deck

Mariano Tone Skateboard Deck

girl mariano woodgrain


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